About Us

About Us

Di Palma Family

My grandparents were born in Marano di Napoli near Naples in the 1890s.  In the early 1900s, they established a profitable company of basket weavers which helped local farmers to collect fruit, grapes and olives.  With the help of their five sons, the family business grew from strength to strength and many farmers benefitted from their success.

Michael, the youngest son wanted to expand the business by producing good quality wines. He worked alongside local oenologists and wine producers to broaden his knowledge and understanding of the science of wine making.

He travelled extensively in central and southern Italy searching for a fertile area for vine cultivation. In the mid 1960s, he finally discovered an ideal piece of land on which to harvest grapes and he began to produce local organic wines called Piedirosso and Falanghina.

Mrs Concetta, Michael's wife was very passionate about local organic produce. She baked bread and pizza for her family and the local community using traditional methods.  She was very supportive in her husband's business which had become prosperous in the region of Naples, until Mrs Concetta sadly passed away in 1998.

Mr and Mrs Concetta's youngest son Giuseppe inherited a passion for fine wines, olive oil and local produce from the Campania region where he was born.  Since the age of eight years old, Giuseppe has shown an interest in learning English which has since developed into an affection for all things British, including its history and culture.

After years of experience researching Italy's vast array of fine wines and olive oils, Giuseppe has used his knowledge and expertise to import quality wines and the finest quality extra virgin  olive oil to the UK from individual, family run vineyards in central and southern Italy.  His company is called Villa Sofia named after his mother's devotion to the little chapel of Santa Sofia in Benevento built in 700 AD, region of fine wines and gourmet foods.